Mindshift 2022

I'd look down at that number in disgust. My husband would say, "Why do you care so much? Don't worry about that stupid number on the scale."
I’d just roll my eyes because DUH that "stupid" number was everything!

Well now, today, I can honestly say that the number on the scale does not hold the weight (no pun intended) that it once did.

Prioritizing your mental health and getting your mindset into a place of self-love?… So important...

I remember being miserable in that picture on the left. I was sick and tired, literally. Lupus flare-ups, major bloat, horrible fatigue, debilitating joint pain. I had given up… On eating healthy and just LIVING healthy. I needed a nap every day just to function. That day in particular, I had stepped on the scale and saw 176.5 lbs, and I vowed to change the path I was on. To take my health into my own hands. So I took the picture. To mark Day One.

That was a few years ago now. And it's been a journey, but I can definitely say it was always forward motion no matter how slow. But this January, I decided to focus all of 2022 on my all-around health – mental and physical. Not just a month or two. The whole year. I knew it would be a commitment, but I also knew it wouldn’t be just me who would feel the changes. It would be my kiddos and my husband who would feel it along with me. My energy and mindset would ooze that positive change, my goals and priorities would shift…Everything would improve.

And since making that year-long commitment, I’ve made lots and lots of changes... So when people ask what I've been doing to get results, it’s hard to pinpoint just one thing…

I will say this -
I start everyday with sun salutations and meditation, usually by my pool. What a difference that makes! Starting your day off in stillness and gratitude is life-changing. That's honestly the first change that I made to my routine, and it has proven to be the ball that got everything rolling. 
I never ran or even slightly enjoyed running in my life but for whatever reason I started following world runners on instagram. It was weird, I told someone that it was like my soul was wanting me to run but I just didn't know how to begin. Well, I just started. I began running to the park near my house every morning after those stretches and meditation, thanks to my beautiful friend Angie’s guidance and inspiration to just get up and friggin do it...No excuses! I started listening to positive personal development coaching on those runs, which was a great time to visualize more strategies, plans, and goals. (I can let you know the apps and authors that really moved me to make change if you want to message me!)
These new habits had me in such a better headspace, that making healthier eating choices honestly became just a natural part of the transformation. And that has been such a big part of this mindshift. People think weightloss and they think DIET. But I have not put a huge emphasis on diet change. Fuel your body with powerful and nutritious foods. That’s the mindshift. Not giving up, but adding in. Hey, if I crave something I eat it. Shoot, I’m cajun- I love good food. And good food is such an enjoyable part of life. But does every meal have to be this huge fattening indulgence? No. A good majority of my meals are light and on the “bland” side for lack of a better word. But my digestion has thanked me for that. Do I eat a cookie if I bake them for the kids. Yep! And when I crave a good Ooh Lah Lah from Henry’s, well by God I’ll get it! But I love my body enough to return to the nutritious stuff the next meal. I will say, this mentality over the course of the year has definitely seemed to "shrink my stomach". It takes less to make me feel full. And I will really only have one "big" meal a day where I'll indulge if I want to. The rest of the day is smaller healthier snacks. And this mindset I added to alcohol as well. I gave up drinking for about 6 weeks at the beginning of 2022 and that completely changed my relationship with alcohol. Now, even my drinking choices are on the healthier side and other than special occasions, I try to stick to two drink max. 
I also started prioritizing taking my vitamins and supplements every morning to optimize my nutrition, help prevent disease, etc... 

My energy improved enough so that I decided to add in a little weight training and sauna workouts into the mix. I was feeling like freakin J-Lo man. My confidence and self-worth was just radiating from my pores. Like nothing could stop me. No stupid diagnosis or roadblock could slow my grind. For the first time possibly ever, I felt in control of my health.  I started "cleaning up" in all aspects of my life, not just the junky diet or crappy mindset. I started making my bed every morning and I started reading beautiful books again. I started listening to soothing jazz and old soulful blues, sipping warm teas, and making my life less about the hustle and bustle and more about the moment to moment beauty. I prioritized my skincare routine and I tried to stay well-hydrated. It was a domino effect of just total goodness...
And it's just September! The year isn't even over yet... But the riches I have gained this year are already innumerable. I'm excited to look back on December 31 when 2022 comes to a close, and to just sit back in pride at what all once looked completely out of reach is now ALL MINE.


I've mentioned it before and I'll say it again- A book that completely changed my mindset was A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle...A MUST READ!

The Fabulous App was one of the best (small) investmests I've made all year. I think it's $45 or so for the entire year but kept me on track, the daily coaching was on point, and the daily routine lists were super helpful. 

An amazing reverend who I listened to for morning prayers is Amy Bost Henegar. Love her!

(A good majority of the supplements I take and the skincare I use, I decided to sell wholesale, so message me if you have any questions on anything in particular that you've seen/heard me mention!

Things that have aided in metabolism/digestion - Nu Biome daily gut packets for gut health, Meta pills for optimized metabolism, and Tegreen pills for energy and accelerated "burn".

Daily skincare - AgeLoc Lumispa, Beauty Focus liquid collagen, Nutricentials Thirst Fix Hydrating Gel, Nutricentials Bakuchiol Pump, Ageloc Tru Face Essence Ultra pearls, AHA Facial Peel, AP+ whitening toothpaste, 180 face wash)




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